Jessica Rose

On two separate occasions Rosie provided make up for myself and, all up, 6 other people. She was very friendly, very fair in her pricing, too fair to be honest, I think she should up her prices because her work is outstanding, she’s very professional, her time management was excellent, she allowed herself an hour time frame to work on each individuals face, she dedicated that hour to making each one of us all look and feel most beautiful and amazing. 

We had pictures of vibrant colours and looks we wanted to go for and Rosie nailed every single one.

Some of us are women/mothers in our late 30s, early 40s, we’re also mainly wearers of either ZERO make up, or just the daily basic wearers of eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss so as pretty much newbies to glamorous make up and to take the risk and book a make up artist to come in and give us the full monty, super star look we were and still are ever so grateful to have come across Rose Makeup Artist – Rosie.

She made us feel at ease, comfortable, relaxed and confident. She executed our make up session from start to finish and I am so very grateful and appreciative, she is now going to be my go-to person for any upcoming events I have on that requires me to look like a ‘supermodel’, hehe.

Thank you so much Rosie, you should be proud of the outstanding work you do on your clients; added bonus is that you are a lovely person all round ♡

NOTE: 💔 at the time of our first booked session, Rosie was struck with a terrible tragedy in her whānau, the death of her niece. I did not know this until mid way through doing my make up, her and I were conversating and she spoke of what she was currently going through, she left her whanaus side to carry through her booked session with myself and 4 other people. How committed is that??? I would have completely sympathized and understood if she had to cancel our booking because there’s no two ways about it, when death strikes in the whānau ‘family first’ but …. She managed both, being there with her whānau and coming away to do our make up, YOU are all sorts of beautiful Rosie, thank you again ❤.

Jessica Rose